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For some people, installing a stairlift at home can be a major concern and it’s likely that you will have a tonne of questions buzzing around your head that you would like answers to.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find the answers to your stairlift installation questions.  We thought it would be useful to provide some helpful guidance to make sure all your questions about stairlift installation are answered fully.  Hopefully, this article will ensure that you are better informed when buying your home stairlift.

How to Install a Home Stairlift?

The vast majority of standard home stairlifts will work on straight, curve and helical staircases.  Some staircases will have a mixture of both straight and curved steps. Also, some staircases can include a 90 or even a 180-degree turn.  This means that whatever staircase your home has, there is often an easy solution to meet your personal needs – even for narrow staircases!

Fitting a Home Stairlift

Typically, the stair lift rail will fit on support legs.  These legs are then screwed to the treads on your staircase.  This means you usually don’t have to worry about any wall fittings.  Also, this means the overall installation process should be quick and straightforward.

Choosing Your Stairlift Seat

If you worry that you may have to settle for a standard stairlift seat, you’ll be happy to hear that seats come in various shapes and sizes.  Also, depending on the individual circumstances of each person, there are numerous options you can choose to help with any medical or physical conditions.

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