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Are you thinking about installing a domestic stairlift in your home?  Investing in a stairlift can help restore freedom and will help you move around your home with ease.  Here, we’re talking you through ten of the tell-tale signs you may be ready to invest in a domestic stairlift.


10 Signs You’re Ready for a Domestic Stairlift

  1. If the home you live in as more than one floor and you are starting to struggle to move freely around the house it may be time to install a stairlift. This will open up the house again and make it easier for you to move around freely.
  2. If you’re concerned that a fall down the stairs could have a serious impact on your health, then a stairlift could provide some much-needed reassurance.
  3. Are you worried about becoming a burden on your family?  Installing a stairlift in your home will help you regain your independence.
  4. If you are feeling increasingly frail, installing a stairlift will help to lift your self-confidence.
  5. In case of emergency, would you be able to cope? A domestic stairlift runs on battery power.  This means it will continue to work even if you experience a power shortage.
  6. Installing a stairlift will alleviate any aches and pains you feel when climbing the stairs.
  7. Some people do not consider domestic stairlifts an option if your staircase is not straight. In fact, if you have a curved staircase there are plenty of options available to suit your personal needs.
  8. Installing a home stairlift will ensure you avoid tripping over any potentially hazardous objects that have been left on the stairs by visitors.
  9. If you are currently suffering from strains or sprains, a domestic stairlift will reduce the pressure you are placing on your body.
  10. A stairlift could be the perfect solution if you easily get out of breath or feel faint when climbing the stairs.

If you like the idea of regaining your independence and mobility, get in touch with us today to book your free survey and quotation.

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