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A 2014 EU Court Ruling could mean that owners of a mobility scooter in the UK could be forced to purchase vehicle insurance.  This ruling could lead to many people having to purchase insurance for a vast range of vehicles, including quad bikes, sit-on lawnmowers and you guessed it, mobility scooters. With the Government unsure of how to implement this ruling to current UK law, the use of mobility scooters and the legislation surrounding how they are policed remains a big grey area.

With more than 700 people in the UK having been hurt in road accidents involving mobility scooters since 2011, people are calling for these power-assisted scooters to become more regulated.  This issue of mobility scooter danger highlights that despite the fact they can only reach maximum speeds of 8mph, there were still ten accidents involving a motorised scooter in Scotland alone in 2015.  This figure shows that mobility scooters now cause more road accidents in Scotland than tractors, which have only been involved in fourteen accidents in the past three years.

Across Britain, over 700 people have been involved in accidents involving a motorised mobility scooter, with twenty-three of them proving fatal.  Last year, there were over 222 mobility crashes nationally, a huge 6.2 per cent rise since 2015.  With the UK serving as the mobility scooter capital of Europe, with nearly 400,000 scooters now being used on our roads, safety concerns are being an increasing concern.  Currently, people who own a mobility scooter aren’t required to have a driving license, which leaves some not knowing how to operate the vehicle safely.  These new calls for mobility scooters to require insurance could help to alleviate concerns regarding both pedestrian safety and the safety of the mobility scooter owners.

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